Tencel fabric: Softer than Silk, Cooler than Linen

Tencel fabric: Softer than Silk, Cooler than Linen

With a sensory feel that’s silkier than the trees it comes from and a refreshing take on production, Tencel fabric is a crowd favourite for so many reasons. What’s not to love about a fabric that is light, silky, versatile – and naturally wrinkle-resistant!? Read on to discover more about this trending textile here to stay.

Putting the fab back in fabric

in 1992 and celebrates its 30 years of style success. It combines sustainable style with the botanical brilliance of cellulosic fibers, covering all spectrums of the cupboard. We love the silky way tencel adorns us, flowing like coolest silk!

Why we love Tencel fabric

These are just three of our fave reasons. But oh my stars, we have so many more than 3:

  1. Naturally breathable and absorptive 

Tencel is less susceptible to odour-causing bacterial growth which makes it a dream for everything in between a cozy couch and busy work days. 

  1. Dewrinkles with wear

Did you know your body warmth kind of acts as a natural de-wrinkler? (Woo-hoo, see you later ironing tools).

  1. Durability

Think all day, everyday kind of wear. Takea plane, train, and automobile, and you'll still be looking comfy. In other words, this fabric feels borderline magic. And we love how good it looks. From shirts to robes, accessories to Petkerchiefs, we have you and your crew covered.

The process

So, where does this miracle material come from? This fabric grows on trees and is biodegradable. But before we can drape it on a mannequin, Tencel must be transfigured in a unique process.

First, it enters a slurry of wood pulp and a titch of solvent gets thrown in. Then, it's spun in a circular process. Finally, it is pushed through small holes to form threads. Using a closed-loop method, most of the chemicals and water used get reused repeatedly, keeping solvents out of our waterways and landfills.

Ultimately, Tencel has a reduced carbon footprint. Plus, it requires less water, energy, and dye than conventional cotton, too.


Sensory issues

How many times has a scratchy tag or itchy fabric or the cut of garments caused you or a loved one distress? If it distracts us from our daily lives, we aren't going to reach for those pieces. Our team is neurodivergent – how a fabric feels is extremely important to us.

That's why we test every fabric with folks who have skin sensitivities and heightened sensory responses. The little things make a difference. Sensory issues are central when we create garments. Life is complicated, but clothing doesn't have to be. 

Stay wrapped up in style

Interested in finding a Tencel fabric garment that fits you? Check out our sizing guide – we customize for your size. For more on what’s trending and on our radar, follow our blog posts and sign up for our newsletter.

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