Here, authenticity meets experience as we share the stories and feedback that define the Connally Goods journey. Dive into a collection of heartfelt testimonials that illuminate the quality, craftsmanship, and style that make Connally Goods a preferred choice for discerning individuals. 


"I know this is probably over sharing, but your skirts have just been bringing me so much joy. My kids are now 3 and almost 6, and the last 6 years have been a lot of just wearing whatever is easily washable and breastfeeding compatible and not feeling like myself at all. And now the kids are both old enough (ish) that I can sometimes Be A Style Person again and it's just so wonderful to sort of come home to myself in this way, but to also still be comfortable and able to sit on the floor to do puzzles with them and whatever. So, a long winded thank you, your clothes are helping me feel like me and sparking a lot of joy ❤️" - Sarah V.


"As a plus sized disabled person it’s so hard to find ethical clothing that’s made in Canada and that’s easy to take on and off as I have mobility issues. I am so happy to have found this shop! I am so impressed with the quality of the clothing and the attention to detail. I am also a huge fan of the gender neutral styles. I plan on being a customer for life!" - Amy P.




"So nice to have a housecoat made *for* fat bodies. And an everyday blanket in the best custom colours. Connally is lovely to work with, prompt and cheerful" - Jillian L.


"I already own the Bradley shoes, and I was so excited when Connally announced the Sigrid shoes! These are definitely a bit more casual than the Bradley shoe, and they are SO comfortable. The woven leather moves with the foot, so they never feel too tight or restrictive. Honestly, I love these so much that I almost want to buy the brown/tan leather pair too..." - Leann W.


"Making another trip down soon because I cannot get enough Connally in my closet! My robe is a daily piece. I need the new dresses and a compassion toque. All their pieces fit into a pre existing wardrobe with ease. Colours, texture, design, out of this universe." - Noah M