Brand Values

We want to share what our brand values are. What motivates us to push forward, and invite your feedback and dialogue to continue to learn and improve.


  1. INCLUSION: The foundation of diversity, inclusion is about belonging. You matter. Your voice matters. You are treated with dignity and respect. We are creating a business and fostering a culture that respects and honours all genders, races, ages, orientations, bodies and abilities. We represent and acknowledge the needs of marginalized people by amplifying their voices through our platform to create change. We recognise our privilege and commit to continue learning how we can support and care for the needs of our community, locally and globally. 
  2. SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability means meeting our own needs as a business without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our goal as a business is more than maintaining this planet, but improving it to a condition where life as a whole can flourish. For this to be possible in the long term, we commit to educating our audience from a regenerative perspective. This means using resources in a circular way, rather than the linear route where people purchase, consume, and discard. Sustainability means that we need to be economically viable, have a positive impact on society, and respect and preserve the environment. 
  3. PURPOSE-DRIVEN: What is the purpose of this garment? What need are we serving? Purpose-driven design brings together the concepts of conscious capitalism and human-centered design to serve not just profits, but people. Designed to be intuitive, understanding the needs of others in order to serve them better - we invite you into the design process!  We are keen on listening and understanding the people we serve so that the right purpose and outcome will emerge. 
  4. TRANSPARENCY: Business transparency is the process of being forthright, honest, and straightforward about our various company operations. In other words, we are open about the people and practices that make our business what it is. Transparency means committing to humanize our business by showing people the reality, rather than misleading them with what we think a business “should” look like. If the information is relevant to what we do, then those who are affected by our business have a right to know it. 
  5. JOY: Joy comes when you make peace with yourself and your circumstances and can rest in contentment. Radical acceptance of opportunities, challenges and immersion in the present moment fuels the enjoyment of our everyday lives!