The Seam Team

CONNALLY (she/they)

A self-taught sewist, Connally attended Central Saint Martins School for Design in London UK, leaving the program to pursue freelance work. Returning to their birthplace of Vancouver BC, Connally launched as a full-time designer under her eponymous label in 2018. A skull fracture later that year caused Connally to recalibrate life and business while adjusting to compounded disabilities. That process sparked a growth in community which continues to extend opportunities to folks living with disabilities and/or in marginalized bodies. Their passion for sustainability and dismantling of fatphobia, sexism, and ableism weave their way into each design. Connally also loves cilantro to an absurd degree.  

PIPIT (she/her)  
Pipit is our friend and wonderful partner in Bali! Born in Central Java, Indonesia, she and her three sisters are all driven, independent and talented entrepreneurs & designers. Working with local skilled artisans in Bali, Pipit enabled us to create The Bradley Shoes with utmost care to community & sustainability. She also works with other labels to produce quality goods that allow women to earn above a living wage independently. You also might notice that there's a certain hat design named after this phenomenal human. We are excited to grow with Pipit and develop further items together!


CANDACE (she/her) 

Known to many on Instagram as @inaturally_can, her skills and lived experience are pivotal to the inclusion & accessibility aspects of the design and overall business standpoint. Candace was diagnosed with Lymphedema in 2018 and best explains it in her own words: "it shook things up a little in my world. I was upset about it at first, because it was like what/why is this happening? I did not let it stop me. It took some adjusting, but I have embraced it as well as my favorite quote, 'Do not let your HAPPENING, destroy your HAPPINESS!' Candace is passionate about encouraging others, living life to its fullest, and is excited to talk about all things fashion.


HANNAH (she/they)

Hannah is, by training, an archaeologist! Why do we have an archaeologist on board, you ask? Hannah gives us the scoop on the secret lives and stories of colours, pigments, dyes, plant use, weaving, and all kinds of craft processes throughout human history! Hannah also helps with photography, in-studio assistance, illustration, brainstorming, and making fantastically goofy poses when being photographed for the website. When she’s not working on her dissertation, Hannah is probably trying out a new artistic skill, or obsessing over her cat, Lucy Goose.  

MORRIGAN (she/her)

Morrigan is a multi-disciplinary artist, working with textiles, watercolours, ink and digital media. She helps create video and written content for social media and the website as well as collaborating with others who share our values. Her kindness to others is unparalleled, and often, she helps us slow down to notice the little things, and ways we can connect community. Her sharp eye also catches typos, loose threads, ways that we can work smarter, not harder, making her a vital teammate!


SHEENA (she/her)

Sheena (She/Her) is an award-winning Vancouver based makeup artist and hairstylist, known for her expertise in cruelty-free, all-natural products. Originally from Ontario, Sheena has called BC home since 2009.

Previously, Sheena spent 15 years as a video editor at TV stations in Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver. Supporting her community and local businesses is very important to her. She's passionate about aerial arts, burlesque, painting, and raising funds for Pediatric Transplant Research.


shawna-zegarraSHAWNA (she/her)

You know that person that everyone goes to for weird admin or tech questions? That’s Shawna.

Shawna excels at helping people who are helping people. Her company, Zeda Virtual Assistants, helps people doing good things in the world with admin and other overwhelming tasks so that they do more without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.